Dec. 12, 2021 - Senator Batters released this response to the silencing efforts of the CPC National Council...




For Immediate Release                                                                                  December 12, 2021



Regina, SK - Today, Senator Denise Batters received a brief, six-clause email from Conservative Party President Robert Batherson, stating the party’s National Council found her petition for an expedited leadership confidence vote “invalid”.

The email provided no detailed reason for denying constitutional validity, other than a cursory reference to his original reply.  Senator Batters said, “Once again, Mr. Batherson’s response to the serious concerns of our party’s members is dismissive and perfunctory.”

Former eight-year National Councillor Marilyn Elliott had sent the Conservative Party and all members of National Council a substantial four-page letter which solidly defended the petition as being constitutionally valid. Her comprehensive letter completely refuted Mr. Batherson’s original five-sentence response to Senator Batters’ petition -- and was backed by major legal and expert opinion. 

Senator Batters said: “The party president did not provide any response to this robust legal defence of the constitutionality of my petition – in media, he just dismissively shrugged off Elliott's four-page reply as ‘nothing of substance,’ said Elliott had ‘never been shy about expressing her opinions’, and that he'd ‘always found her contributions spirited and entertaining.’”

For Senator Batters, Mr. Batherson’s email leaves several significant questions unanswered: 

  • What are the specific grounds why this petition was found to be invalid?  What is National Council's response to Marilyn Elliott's comprehensive letter robustly defending it?
  • Was this a split decision of National Council? What was the vote result?
  • Did Leader Erin O'Toole vote on this matter? If so, why didn't he recuse himself?

Given today’s National Council’s decision, Senator Batters addressed the petition’s future:  “Less than one month after my petition at membersvote.ca was launched, already more than 7,100 supporters have signed it. We will continue these efforts to ensure our members have their say not only on Mr. O’Toole’s leadership, but also on the future direction of our party.  Conservative Party leadership cannot silence the voices of many thousands of our grassroots members.”


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